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Dog Toothbrush Set

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  • PROFESSIONAL DOG TOOTHBRUSH SET - THE PERFECT TOOTHBRUSH THAT YOU WILL NEED FOR YOUR PET. With it’s long length, you can reach all parts of the mouth and still have room to hold the brush comfortably.
  • DOUBLE SIDED TOOTHBRUSH - To make the brushing process easier, we have designed a double sided toothbrush, one larger toothbrush head and one smaller. You can use both sides to reach different parts of your pet’s mouth. The larger side will brush the overall teeth and mouth and the smaller side will help you navigate the hard to reach areas and clean all parts, LEAVING YOUR PET WITH A SPARKLING MOUTH!
  • SOFT AND FLEXIBLE BRISTLES - The bristles on our DOG AND CAT TOOTHBRUSH are made soft enough so as not to scratch your pet but hard enough to really do the job of removing all plaque and unwanted dirt from your pet’s teeth.
  • BRUSHING YOUR PET’S TEETH - Just like you need to brush twice a day to keep a health clean smile, your pet needs it too! You can keep on top of their oral health so easily with our pet toothbrush. No more fussing and chasing your pet when it comes time for tooth brushing. YOUR DOG WILL ENJOY IT AND YOU WILL TOO, LEAVING YOUR PET LOOKING AND FEELING IT’S BEST.
  • GOOD QUALITY - Made of high quality plastic, our toothbrushes are made to last.